As a session musician I'm involved with a lot of various musicians. But as for projects I really consider myself _part_ of that's different.


toshio mana [ ReverbNation | MySpace ]
My 'primary' personal singer/songwriter project and my current focus. I think. My attentions and goals seem to shift daily. Regardless, it's the easiest project (at the moment at least) to just up and perform with. Just me, a guitar, and a willing - or not - audience!

Irreverent. Melancholy. From the gleefully tongue-in-cheek sarcastic snarkiness of "So Glad..." to the somber, painful-truth seeking of "Better This Way?"

As a writer I find myself often reveling in or celebrating the slightly darker side of the mind: being in that grey, between the lines of who's right and who's wrong. Sometimes I step fully into the role of the self-admitted bad guy - the one warning you that, despite the pleasant and tender appearances, he'll leave you hurt.

Oh, sometimes (or rather often) I can be the wistful dreamer of "Cold" - the one who falls in love with a smile and a photograph. But all too often I know that, such as "Evening Gown", I'm courting pain and disaster - enjoying life's line of fancy hors d'oeuvres and finger foods along the way.



Project::in•fin•i•ty [ ReverbNation | Facebook | MySpace ]
My art music project. An ever growing collection of musical oddments - many (okay MOST) unfinished. Mostly on the electronica or abstract side though increasingly centered around some sort of tonality. So far it's all just me.

Conceptually pre-dating the existence of the iPod Shuffle it is designed to incorporate randomness as an integral part of life experience. With tracks ranging from the more abstract and cryptic to the more traditional and specific it will be a melange of sonic information that, combined with multi-media of yet-to-be determined nature, will provide a constantly changing and ever evolving story line.

project::in•fin•i•ty began its first developments while studying composition and electronic music. The initial notion was to develop pre-recorded music that *IS* mutable. Though, as time progresses, it's come to encompass more and more the notion of audience as performer.

Btw. p::i is admittedly designed mostly as a studio project - a series of recordings and multimedia to be scrambled together. However while there are vague notions of transforming it into an offbeat performance art/installation these plans for live performance are far off in the distance at the moment...



James Bradford [ website ]
While we sometimes appear as a full band, most often you'll see us as a duo - James sings, I play. I'd love to call it a gay Tuck and Patti but I know I'm no Tuck. Mostly acoustic rock with many touches of R&B, funk, and whatever is in the kitchen sink.

We first met for the filming of VH1/LOGO's series "Can't Get a Date" in which he was the main subject and I was his guitarist. (The episode debuted in 2006 on the LOGO channel and has seen quite a bit of airtime since. If you're dying to see the episode, it's currently available on Netflix.) Since then we've done quite a number of gigs on the eastern side of the country.

What's it like being a tv star? I dunno. I'll tell you when I become one. HA!

Seriously, though. I have, on a few occasions, been recognized from the show. More often, however, friends see me on TV _after_ they've gotten to know me and they're all sorts of, "WTF, dude! I saw you on TV! LULZ".

But back to music...

We're a pretty fun mix of upbeat and showstopper type tunes - mostly covers but a few originals here and there, too. Recently James has added stand-up and story-telling to the mix making it much more of a show.

For the most up to date info about our shenanigans, it's best to head over to James' page. I have a hard enough time keeping my own stuff even relatively current! Oy.


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