Oh the fun of organization...

Several months ago No... Several years ago now I joined ReverbNation and put most of my 'finished' (or finished enough) stuff there. I've pretty damned happy with their site - especially the quality of their 'widgets'. So for the best site to find my actual tunes, go there.

However that's not the only place to find me.

Soundclick Soundcloud:
If you've known me for a while, then you may have noticed I kinda enjoy putting up demos and songs in progress. (Well, when I'm actually writing these days...) I rarely know if anyone listens to them. They can be quite raw and unfinished. Perhaps even perplexingly so. *shrugs* I do it. Just 'cuz.

As of March, 2012, I've started to use soundcloud.com for this. I like their interface so far. It's nice and clean and their widgets allow me to share easily. I'm still exploring the site and reserve the right to disappear from it if things get unwielding but... so far so good.

Some of my old, old, older demo/unfinished things still reside on Soundclick. In fact I have a LOT still on Soundclick. If you want to rummage, you can check me out there (or there), too, for some more "obscurities" and songs that have yet to be fleshed out.

Other stuff
Eventually I'll get some more stuff here since there *are* tunes I can't post for one reason or another. Covers, for example, are pretty strictly regulated. I don't mind this really and I can understand why audio sites want to protect their asses. Still I don't put together much of my shit for the intent of selling anyways. So when it comes to covers I'm more focused on just having a good time.

But I am *kinda* happy about some of the stuff I've thrown together so... Why not offer it up somehow? Hrmm...



So I'm a bit all over the place on YouTube. (But really who *ISN'T* these days, eh?) So I figured I'd pick out some of my better or more favorite clips of me for your [pre]viewing pleasure. If you want more you can just head on over to my channel.


@MixTape benefit
(Tritone, Philadelphia, PA), Nov. 29, 2011

"Better This Way? (live)"

MixTape is a quasi-regular night out featuring performers of various sorts. The nights are fundraisers to help transfolk and trans awareness/equality programs.



@Bearapalooza in NYC, Nov. 11, 2009
"Brick House (the SexyDaddyBear version)" and "Better This Way?"

Sadly it's not the best audio quality. *sadface* But, while it wasn't my first time at a Bearapalooza by any means, it was my first time as a solo artist. And it was the 7th year anniversary of being a non-smoker!



Working on a cover of Pet Shop Boys' "You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You're Drunk"

This was the first of what's become a substantial number of "video practices" - videos of me trying out a new(ish) original or cover tune. For some reason it's received a fairly substantial number of hits. For me, at least. But yay! I later did another run of the tune where I actually recorded the guitar and vocals separate. But the hits haven't been as forthcoming. *shrugs*

And yes, there's a story behind this choice of a cover. :D



@Doc Watson's
"Roller Coaster" (acoustic)

This is a James and Tosh tune - probably one of our best covers. It generally just gets a good vibe and reaction from the crowd. There's also a full band performance of it on youtube for a slightly more upbeat mood.



@bootLICKERS music video!
"Once More, With Feeling"

Ironically I'm not playing on the actual audio/CD recording of this. Instead it's the former bootLICKER's bassist. However, by the time we started doing the most taping, I had long taken over the responsibility for the low end. I did, however, put the video together!



project::in•fin•i•ty piece #1.1

A not towards my more experimental, conceptual, and contemporary classical veins. The goal of the piece is to explore how homophobia affects us all - regardless of actual sexual orientation.


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